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The main profile of Jáde-Kert Kft., Besides park construction and park maintenance, is our recultivation service. Recultivation works are carried out mainly in mining areas and in liquidated landfill sites.
Recultivation is also known as re-cultivation, making an area suitable for recycling. Technological and agronomic, not least technical, technological processes should be taken into account when reclaiming unproductive land due to natural or man-made activity. We work all over the country:

  • Selyemréti Strandfürdő – Miskolc
  • Cascade Hotel – Demjén
  • A plant that was designed for a life – Budapest

In Hungary in recent years, more and more emphasis on restructuring the waste and the waste again. This process is due to several large-scale land reclamation work were honored. Our task is to launch the soil life, la növénytelepítések by watching wildlife and birds nesting customs. Mainly covered by rekultiváltunk removed or further open and were handed back to the area of the nature. 2012-2013 was our year of Wienerberger Téglaipari co. Ltd. who has been with our company for three unused bányájukat rekultiváljuk.

The whole territory of the country of reference works:

  • Wienerberger bányarekultiváció Loughborough
  • Wienerberger bányarekultiváció Fairfax
  • Wienerberger bányarekultiváció Torokbalint
  • Landfill disposal site cleanup
  • Átrakók waste disposal site cleanup
  • Railway areas disposal site cleanup

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Jade-kert Kft. was founded in 2007, it has grown from a private enterprise. Company Managers Beáta Jankó and László Dégi, who have agriculture degree degrees. Our work is characterized by accuracy and reliability. In the year 2017 he celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company's existence. During this 10 years Jade-garden Ltd. became the leading park maintenance and park construction company in the region.

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