Love of nature, support for sustainability has always been important to us ....

Jade-Kert Kft. Also deals with park construction, in addition to the recultivation, park maintenance, the large surfaces, the mechanical and manual grass seedlings and mowing of the bridges. We are happy because, thanks to our decades of expertise and customer-friendly philosophy, we are getting more and more orders each year. In the park construction - just as in our other profiles - we provide precise and demanding, high quality work for our dear customers. The love of nature and the support of sustainability has always been important to us, which we wanted to symbolize with the symbol of purity and serenity, the jade stone. For these reasons we baptized our company to Jade Garden!

  • Creation of Castles , Villa parks, and playgrounds
  • It is beautiful and harmonious to house roof gardens and residential parks and garden houses
  • Besides park-building services, we also undertake park maintenance, our specialists guarantee their work!

One of the pillars of our company is a full service parképítészeti. We specialize in the large-scale investment gépesítettségünk all workflow. Craftsmanship of reviewing before the planting plans and inform the decision makers of the potential of the design errors and we propose a professional problem solution. In the case of own ideas several times larger implementations and suggestions valósíthattuk. During the investment documentation we attach great importance. Of course, the private clients are welcome since it is really nice to create a nematode. The milled-in the same way as the rest of the profile of both precise and demanding, we provide high quality work dear.

Of course, we would make our task all our special parképítő will see a hand!

Jade Kert Kft do:

  • Hotels, Spas
  • Factories
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Road construction
  • Roof Garden
  • Recultivation jobs
  • Livestock farms
  • City reconstructions
  • Private Gardens

constructions and park maintenance.

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About Us

Jade-kert Kft. was founded in 2007, it has grown from a private enterprise. Company Managers Beáta Jankó and László Dégi, who have agriculture degree degrees. Our work is characterized by accuracy and reliability. In the year 2017 he celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company's existence. During this 10 years Jade-garden Ltd. became the leading park maintenance and park construction company in the region.

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