Jade-Kert Kft. has been getting more and more orders year after year thanks to its precise and demanding work, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers.


Love of nature, support for sustainability has always been important to us ....

Jade-Kert Kft. Also deals with park construction, in addition to the recultivation, park maintenance, the large surfaces, the mechanical and manual grass seedlings and mowing of the bridges. We are happy because, thanks to our decades of expertise and customer-friendly philosophy, we are getting more and more orders each year. In the park construction - just as in our other profiles - we provide precise and demanding, high quality work for our dear customers.
The love of nature and the support of sustainability has always been important to us, which we wanted to symbolize with the symbol of purity and serenity, the jade stone. For these reasons we baptized our company to Jade Garden!

  • Creation of Castles , Villa parks, and playgrounds
  • It is beautiful and harmonious to house roof gardens and residential parks and garden houses
  • Besides park-building services, we also undertake park maintenance, our specialists guarantee their work!

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Take the area back to the natural environment ...

The main profile of Jáde-Kert Kft., Besides park construction and park maintenance, is our recultivation service. Recultivation works are carried out mainly in mining areas and in liquidated landfill sites.
Recultivation is also known as re-cultivation, making an area suitable for recycling. Technological and agronomic, not least technical, technological processes should be taken into account when reclaiming unproductive land due to natural or man-made activity. We work all over the country:

  • Selyemréti Strandfürdő – Miskolc
  • Cascade Hotel – Demjén
  • A plant that was designed for a life – Budapest

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Park maintenance

Parks are not enough to find and build ...

The main profile of Jade-Kert Kft. Is park maintenance and the maintenance of parks, which, thanks to our excellent reputation, is carried out in the country's largest field. Various industrial sites, individuals and large companies have been requesting and asking for green space to be maintained today. Because the different areas require a variety of special reservations, our company has designed its services to find a quick and accurate solution for each task.

  • Intensive park maintenance
  • Extensive park maintenance
  • Lawn Care

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Large surfaces grass seedling

An important moment in park construction is grass seed.

Jade-Kert Kft. undertakes the grass seedlings of large surfaces and shingles

  • With grass seed cuttings
  • Hydro seeding

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Sowing seedlings

Grass seed is important not only in large areas, but also in clams.

Grass seeding is not only important in large areas, but also rabbit.

  • Guttering - this is one of the most reliable ways of grassing.
  • Install lawn with grass seed - a traditional type of grass seed.
  • Hydroseed grass seed - the most modern way of planting.

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Machine and manual cutting of large surfaces

If you are looking for a precise and accurate job, please call Jade Kert Kft. With confidence!

Jade Kert Ltd., a green area and park maintenance company, is known for its demanding, professional and fast work by its partners and professionals in this area. We are happy to see that our customer base grows and is looking for us not only for park and park maintenance, but also for machine and manual cutting of large surfaces and bridging, extreme areas. This means that we will stop in each specific area of the profession.

  • Both our specialists and our modern machines are capable of the most efficient work!
  • Our prices are friendly, budget-friendly.
  • We guarantee our work in all cases.

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Rubbing extreme areas of machine and manual mowing

With the large and manual grinding of large surfaces, it is essential to keep the brushed extruded surfaces as well.

We were looking for a professional powertrain for regular maintenance of areas, trails, forests, and areas that are strictly maintenance-free, reliable and cost-effective. Jade Kert Ltd. uses the latest Antonio Carraro TTR 10900 tractor for machine grinding since this type of powertrain is a wide-gauge, multifunctional, nearly 100 horsepower reversible steering-seat tractor with state-of-the-art technology.

  • We do our job demanding and precise.
  • We work with friendly and competitive prices.
  • In accordance with our decades of routine and expertise, we guarantee our work for our work!

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