The Jade kert Kft was fouded in 2007. We grew up from a private enterprise. We celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2017. The two executives of the company are Beáta Jankó and László Dégi.

Our company celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017. Looking back on 10 years, a dream has come to life by becoming a leading park maintenance and park construction company in our region for 10 years.

When we founded our company we took advantage of the space we have experienced in park construction and park maintenance in our region. We built a lot from the basics with all the work we got closer to the dream to be part of the leading edge of professionalism. The long-awaited breakthrough was the park construction of the Miskolc AUCHAN store, where we can show how organized and good quality our customers are working for. This period includes the development of the park maintenance industry, as we wanted to build our built gardens as if we were a small child. In all cases, our work is characterized by good quality and expertise. We believe that in the future we will invest more in humanity parks and green spaces, and our customers will grow more and more. We want to be partners in all ideas and plans from design to implementation.

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