Park maintenance

Another company outside the pillars of which is complementary to the parképítési sector. After we passed construction gardens and parks more.  We are both intensive and extensive extreme areas. Karbantartásainkat contractual framework between november 15 and March 15. Kiszállásainkat tour “this is especially beneficial to do if the customer does not want to deal with just to enjoy the garden to the garden every month without karbantartottuk o (I) agents. All use the most advanced gyepfelületre gépsystem Kft., in order to work more efficiently. Large-area gardens are working gardens weekend capacity e.g. factories redeployment we OK. So we can stay as you say invisible gardeners in the shortest amount of time performing maintenance and should not be on the field all the time kertészekkel. A big advantage that maintenance like dumping large surfaces since there are no differences in each of cared for the fűnövedékében areas.

Of course we also have private gardens and gardening karbantartatását. The parks are not enough to conceive and construct, but also to always be the most beautiful and aesthetic form is there to show it. So after years of the same image and experience will provide, such as when it is created. Jade gardens main profile include the landscaping maintenance, in addition to the parks that crack in the area thanks to the country’s immense goodwill, there are several lagoons. Various industrial areas, private individuals and large corporations requested and are asking for up to date on the green. Since different sites require different advanced reservation, so our company is designed for each of the services, to carry out fast and precise solutions.

What can we do?

  • Intense outside – these sites are well accessible and require more attention. More irrigation and slaughter.
  • Extensive hard-to-reach places outside – in the same way it is important to keep the area tidy, like the easy-to-megközelíthetőén. The difference is that special machines should be used.
  • Lawn care: it’s not just the grass nyírásáról, but also the nutrients of 200.000.
  • Wood and cserjeápolási works: pruning and shearing, koronaalakítás, pest spraying, weeding and hoeing.
  • Automatic irrigation system repair, maintenance, Onyx
  • To reinstall, replace the plants.
  • We are in public places, industrial parks, and the Green environs and facilities, villa, apartment complex maintenance of gardens throughout the year.

Feel free to contact us, we can help you in everything! We offer our clients the kind that you can find the most optimal solutions, taking into account