Machine and manual cutting of large surfaces and extreme areas

We have been working on trails, bays, water bases, dams, gas receivers for many years. Since we have to cut large surfaces for a single time, our machines have been designed to be compact, which means a big horsepower in a smaller design. We have achieved that our machines can be installed quickly and we can change the location of maintenance. Our machines are specially suited for shearing shears, dams that are more effective in hand-picking groups. We work in cities, gas transport and water bases.

Large areas of clipping of extrem areas are references throughout the country:
  • Highways
  • Grass cutting near the roads
  • Natural gas transportation Miskolc region
  • Dams, water catchment areas in the Northern Hungary Waterworks
  • Miskolc town lawn mowing
  • Miskolc biogas plant lawn mowing